Cadet-Match the tube of the systerm

Dear All,
Recently I’ve been trying to model the tube model in AKTA PURE systrem as a part of my model simulation. That is Blue Dextran was injected without column to test the hold_up volume of the system. The purpose of this parameter estimation was to verdict cross-section area and dispersion (the external holdup volumes are lumped in the DPFR model). As it shows in the picture, is it related to my paramaters innitial guessing or the range of them?

Thanks a lot for your help!
Dex13and5.json (1.0 KB)
Dex13and5.csv (283.6 KB)
Dex13and5.h5 (1.5 MB)

Hi there,
the issue is with your experimental data. Your time series has multiple entries for some of the time points. E.g. lines 5 and 6 look like this:


You need to make sure that there is only one entry per time point.

I changed the csv file just as you recommended and done it again, the match process was shut down after just one minute. This kind of error showed up, was it still the csv file’s fault? Thanks again!

Here goes the edited experimental data!
Dex13and5.csv (235.8 KB)

Two easy things to change

use DextranShape instead of ShapeFront and also you have two // on COL_DISPERSION

"features": [
		"name": "Dex13and5",
		"type": "DextranShape"
"location": "/input/model/unit_001/COL_DISPERSION",

after that the simulations run for me.