CADET Matlab Installation

Dear all,
Unfortunately I am having trouble to excecute the installCADET.m file. In the command window I get the following information: “Unfortunately, no working CADET interface could be found.”
I remember that one has to install the latest version of windows C++ redistributable. And I installed that one: Aktuelle unterstützte Downloads für Visual C++
Unfortunately the problem still presists.
(I downloaded CADET Version 4.2.0 and Version 3.1.4)
I would be happy if you can help me setting up CADET again :).


Hey Franziska,

after you’ve called installCADET (and it has failed), please run CadetMex() and post the error message that appears.


Hey Sam,
The occuing error is this one:

It looks like some files are missing but I don’t know were to find them.

The file should be in the bin/ folder.

You cannot use version 4.2.0 just yet. The corresponding files on GitHub only contain the source code of CADET. We still need to generate executable binary files. Please continue to use version 4.1.0 until binaries for the new version are ready.

Thanks, Sam! This file structure looks familiar and version 4.1.0. works fine.