returncode 2

Hello everyone,

I am new to CADET and am currently trying to get an existing model up and running again.
My problem is that I get a returncode=2 from the function, which causes my simulation to fail.
The model was still running normally in December.
Can anyone tell me what the returncode=2 means or where there is documentation on the returncodes?

Many thanks in advance

Hey Larissa,

could you please post your code s.t. we can reproduce the issue? Also, we highly recommend using CADET-Process for new users. Let us know if you have any issues with installation.

Best regards


Hi Jo,

thank you for your fast reply. The total code is quite long. In the following the relevant code that is part of the “run_simulation(saeule_vor_rueckspuelung)” call that is causing the error message and the error message itself:

I hope you can make sense of it.

Best regards,

Hi Larissa, please understand that screenshots are not really handy for us to work with. Please provide code we can directly use. Thanks!

Hey Larissa,

the CADET simulator does return additional information alongside the error code in the stderr pipe. In your case that output is IO ERROR: Group /input doesn't exist in file

However, from the screenshots it looks like you’ve set up the input group, so we’ll need the full code to further debug. The best way to share code is via a GitHub repository. If that doesn’t work, a GitHub Gist or (as a last resort) a text file would also work.