CADET tutorial - Lesson 6: Advanced chromatographic processes - SMB example


I am new to CADET and currently working on the tutorial. I got an error message when running the SMB example of Lesson 6: Advanced chromatographic processes (01_advanced_chromatography_demonstration_solution.ipynbI). I think the problem is related to the copying of the column models, “set_discretization” function can not recognize the copied columns. I could solve the problem by explicitly writing the parameters for each column. However, I was wondering why I can not solve with the copied columns.

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I think this is an upstream problem with addict.

There is a PR, but it’s not merged yet:

I also implemented this on my local machine and it works now. @w.heymann can you comment on this?

@w.heymann did some more research and instead of tinkering with addict, you could also use deepcopy() instead of copy() and it should work. I still hope that they fix it soon upstream.


Thank you very much @j.schmoelder and @w.heymann ! I tried and it works with deepcopy().

Hopefully, they will fix the problem with addict!

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Hi there,

Silly question, but where can we find these tutorial / lesson files?

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Hi Ashlyn,

Here you go: GitHub - modsim/CADET-Tutorial: CADET python based interactive tutorials and documentation

The tutorials were created for our workshops and still might need some tweaking s.t. they also work well for self study. Any feedback is highly appreciated!

I’ve been wanting to work on them and move them to the main website for a while but haven’t found the time.

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