CADET tutorial - Lesson 7 & 8: Problem cadet_path

Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face:,

I just started to work with CADET-Match for the first time and wanted to have a look at the tutorials for a start. Everytime I run this line:

match_config.CADETPath = Cadet.cadet_path

I get the following errormessage

If I run the first block of the utils.ipynb I get no errormessage - but I get a similar one if I try to access Cadet.cadet_path. At the same time, the path to the cadet-cli.exe is stored in cadet_bin_path, and cadet_bin_path.exists() returns True.
I already tried various ways to set Cadet.cadet_path, but none of them worked so far.

It would be great if any of you would have an idea how to fix it!
Many thanks in advance

Try changing that to Cadet.cadet_path.as_posix()

Thank you for the reply! I already tried that because I saw it on the previous post, but the error message remains the same. Do you have another idea?

That is really odd in because in utils.ipynb it should assign the value to cadet_path. You could probably use cadet_bin_path.as_posix() and it should work but it is still odd.

cadet_bin_path = install_path / "bin" / executable

if cadet_bin_path.exists():
    Cadet.cadet_path = cadet_bin_path
    raise FileNotFoundError(
        "CADET could not be found. Please check the path"

Thank you very much, with this it works :slight_smile:
I also think its quite odd. Every way I have tried so far to assign a value to Cadet.cadet_path led to the errormessage (I also get the error in line 135 as shown above in utils.ipynb, if I go to debug-mode).
I am really happy, that it is working now, though.
Thanks again for the fast help!