CADET tutorial - Lesson 7: Inverse problem

I am new to CADET and currently working on the tutorial. I was able to complete lessons 1 to 6. However, I have been running into aan error message when running the Example 2: Gradient descent based parameter estimation in lesson 7 with the “Start Gradient search”

. How could I fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Can you make a zip of the tutorial folder and put it on some kind of shared drive and send a link so I can download it? This is an error I have not seen before I want to look at the files exactly as you have them on your computer.

Thank you

there you go, thank you for your time.

Thank you for sending this I figured out the problem
In the cell that has

def create_match_config(ax_dis, col_por):
    match_config = Dict()
    match_config.CADETPath = Cadet.cadet_path

if needs to have .as_posix() added to the path so it looks like

def create_match_config(ax_dis, col_por):
    match_config = Dict()
    match_config.CADETPath = Cadet.cadet_path.as_posix()

and then it should work.

Let me know if you run into any other problems.

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I tried as you said, but a new error appeared. It seems that it can’t to save the simulation results as a file in csv format.

After that I updated the version of cadetmatch, the error just became as the following.

How did you install cadet-python and cadetmatch? I have not been able to replicate this problem at all. The errors are also quite odd. Did the very first cell run without errors?

Just as the website recommanded.
After I changed the path, this error got solved.