CADET v.4.4.0 released

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce the release of CADET version 4.4.0 :partying_face:

This is a minor release bundling some recent fixes and adding LDF and HIC isotherms.
We highly recommend everyone to update their version via conda update cadet.


  • Added simple C interface to libcadet
  • Added linear driving force implementations of certain isotherms, see docs.
    • Freundlich LDF
    • Multi-component-Langmuir LDF
    • Multi-component-Langmuir LDF liquid phase
    • Multi-component-Bi-Langmuir LDF
  • Added 2 HIC Isotherms:


  • Fixed solution dimensions for lumped rate model with pores
  • Fix consistent initial state for linear isotherm
  • Fix issue with consistent initialization of LRM
  • Fixed return config validation in SolutionRecorder
  • Fixed binding model tests that use external funcs
  • Fixed compiling issues with C API on Mac OS
  • Fixed HDF5 writer when using blocks (which sometimes just wrote zeros to the h5 file)
  • Fixed build error for non-Windows systems
  • Fixed reaction Jacobian in models without bound phase
  • Fixed bugs in solution exporter implementation


  • Changed writing output from pull to push model
  • Removed Kumar-Langmuir Binding Model from documentation, which is a special case of Mobile Phase Modulator Langmuir Model (Kumar is still available).


  • Updated installation instructions
  • Updated documentation of discretization
  • Update docs on linear solution mode heuristic