CADET version 4.3.0 released

Version 4.3.0

Repository: modsim/CADET · Tag: v4.3.0 · Commit: cbc0bee · Released by: schmoelder


  • Added flag to save last state of each unit separately. (#23) (fc4bc2d)
  • Write solution when time integration fails. (35d7aac)
  • Added signal handling to cadet-cli. Handles CTRL+C, or SIGINT in cadet-cli. (1a1c60a)


  • Fixed handling of column flow direction in combination with dynamic flow rates. (#96) (2e0af62)
  • Fixed missing include <iterator> for VS2017 Windows conda build. (c63f1dd)
  • Fix problem with negative NTHREADS values. (#83) (c832f68)


  • Improved handling of INIT_STATE_Y & INIT_STATE_YDOT. (435c79e)
  • Complete overhaul of documentation (see This (almost) removes the need for the separate CADET-Website repository which is now only used as proxy for triggering workflows until CI is fully updated. This update also automatically builds the documentation for each release of CADET and includes links to the documentation of subprojects such as CADET-Match. Deprecates old LaTeX documentation. (#66)
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