Column mass balance with spatially dependent dispersion term

Currently, the dispersion term in the column mass balance equation of GRM is independent of spatial co-ordinate, if I need to solve GRM by assuming that the dispersion coefficient varies with the spatial co-ordinates then how can it be incorporated in the CADET GRM framework.

Thank you.

Currently, in CADET the dispersion cannot directly be spatially defined, only component-wise and section-wise (see COL_DISPERSION_MULTIPLEX in the interface specifications). In case of the 2D-GRM, you can additionally specify a radially dependent dispersion coefficient.

If you want to approximate axially dependent dispersion, you can try chaining multiple shorter GRM columns in series. Then every column/zone can have its own dispersion coefficient.

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Thank you, Johannes, I will try the second option of chaining multiple shorter GRM columns in series.