Exception: Simulation failed (Windows)

Hi guys,
a newbie here. I have a a problem running a CADET file (on windows), giving the error message “Exception: Simulation failed”. Do you need any more specific information to give me a clue how to solve it?

I am grateful for any advice. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hey Phuong, could you maybe also post the error message and the return code?

Hi, Jo. Yes:

runfile('//ibt014/ho/Project PhD (FZJ)/05_Simulations/Compartment_model/compartment-model/driver.py', wdir='//ibt014/ho/Project PhD (FZJ)/05_Simulations/Compartment_model/compartment-model')
Reloaded modules: compartment_simple
CompletedProcess(args=['\\\\ibt014\\ho\\Project PhD (FZJ)\\05_Simulations\\Compartment_model\\cadet\\bin\\cadet-cli.exe', 'C:/Users/ho/compartment.h5'], returncode=3221225781, stdout=b'', stderr=b'')
Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "\\ibt014\ho\Project PhD (FZJ)\05_Simulations\Compartment_model\compartment-model\driver.py", line 21, in <module>
    results = run_model(cadet, file_name=filename.as_posix())

  File "\\ibt014\ho\Project PhD (FZJ)\05_Simulations\Compartment_model\compartment-model\compartment_simple.py", line 208, in run_model
    raise Exception("Simulation failed")

Exception: Simulation failed

I do suspect that the issue lies with the path of the file name.

Please try the following in the driver:

from pathlib import Path
file_name = Path('./compartment.h5')
results = run_model(cadet, file_name=file_name.as_posix())

make sure that the run method looks like this:

def run_model(cadet, file_name):
    cadet.filename = file_name
    # run the simulation
    data = cadet.run()
    if data.returncode == 0:
        raise Exception("Simulation failed")
    results = get_results(cadet)
    return results

now I have the following error message when running the driver:

runfile(’//ibt014/ho/Project PhD (FZJ)/05_Simulations/Compartment_model/compartment-model/driver.py’, wdir=’//ibt014/ho/Project PhD (FZJ)/05_Simulations/Compartment_model/compartment-model’)
File “\ibt014\ho\Project PhD (FZJ)\05_Simulations\Compartment_model\compartment-model\driver.py”, line 24
IndentationError: unexpected indent

indentation problem solved.

but now it says that VCRUNTIME140_1.dll cannot be found. A reinstallation of the program might solved the problem.

This should be related to this issue.

Your system lacks the Visual C++ 2019 runtime libraries:
You ned vc_redist.x64.exe .

Hi j.schmoelder,
thank you for providing the solution. It works!

Best regards