External Functions for GRM (Matlab)

I am trying to apply the external functions as demonstrated in the example “externalFunctionMultiple” to a Genral Rate Model (the example uses SingleGRM) in Matlab. When adding the functions to the model by adressing mGrm.externalFunctions (as in the example) I get the error:
“Unrecognized property ‘externalFunctions’ for class ‘GeneralRateModel’.”
Is there a different way to add the functions to the model for a General Rate Model?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions

Hi Thomas,

The property externalFunctions belongs to the system of unit operations. Any external function has to be registered there.

In the example, a SingleGRM object is used. This object represents a single GeneralRateModel within a ModelSystem (for convenience). When the externalFunctions property on the SingleGRM is used, it actually accesses the property on the ModelSystem part of the SingleGRM.

Long story short: Please use mSys.externalFunctions instead (if your ModelSystem object is called mSys).

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Hello Samuel,
yes that works, thank you very much for your help.