Flow rate is not balance, paraxylene modeling problem.

I want to model the paraxylene simulated moving bed, the following is the model I established by two templates, both of them had the problem of mass imbalance, in addition, I’m not sure if the parameters of the two models were set correctly, I initially established the model in Aspen Chromatograph and it ran successfully. So I want to set CADET based on Aspen, but found that many Settings were different. For example, I used the extended_Langmuir isotherm equation in Aspen, which only required input Ka and Kd, and then I went to CADET, where the available isotherm equation for Langmuir required an additional Qmax(maximum adsorption capacity). But I have no data on it, so I chose the Linear isothermal equation, beside, there are a lot of places I am not sure, This model has 24 columns, with a different number of columns in each separation zone , so I do not know how to connect the inlet and outlet flow to the correct column, etc, there are many problems I do not know how to solve, Can you help me build this model?

*Those are the two model I built.
xylene.ipynb (39.5 KB)
xylene_2.ipynb (39.7 KB)
thanks for your time!
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