Implementing non-mass-action law type reaction equations for CSTR unit operations

Dear CADET Developers,

I would like to use CADET as a bioreactor simulator. Doing that I would like to implement reaction kinetics that do not have the mass-action law format, namely Monod-type multi-substrate equations. Is there a way to implement reactions of this type? I saw the post for Hill-types and Monod type reactions:
Hill types, though I am not sure I can follow.

Hey Juliane and welcome to the Forum! :rocket:

We just merged Michealis-Menten kinetics into master which is basically the same. Does this already help?

Very nice, thank you Johannes! I’ll work through the thread and keep asking if I questions arise


Hi Everyone,

I’ll highjack this thread as I have another question regarding Monod-type equations:

In pull 180 the equations state that the Michaelis-Menten Model currently supports single substrate reactions with an inhibition term.
Now, I am interested in a Multi-substrate kinetic model.
Something along the lines of:

\mu_i = \frac{\mu_{max} S_i}{K_{S,i} + \sum_{j+1}^{n} \frac{K_{S,i}}{K_{S,j}}S_j}

The current MM model does not seem to support that kind of kinetics. I would like to double check with you if there is a way to highjack the MM model do do it anyways or would the mass action law model provide a possibility to do that? I could not find a possibility with either of those models, but maybe I just did not see it.

For two substrates, I would expect something like \mu = \frac{\mu_{max} S_i S_j}{...}. I don’t think there is a possible tweak with the existing equations, but the code might be extendable with relatively little effort.