Issue with rapid equilibrium

During the workshop, I realized something odd about using the rapid equilibrium in adsorption models.

If I set the following initial conditions in a CSTR (without any in- or outgoing flow)

linear_model.root.input.model.unit_000.init_c = [1]
linear_model.root.input.model.unit_000.init_q = [0]

and set is_kinetic to True

## Adsorption
linear_model.root.input.model.unit_000.nbound = [1]
linear_model.root.input.model.unit_000.adsorption_model = 'LINEAR'

linear_model.root.input.model.unit_000.adsorption.is_kinetic = True
linear_model.root.input.model.unit_000.adsorption.lin_ka = [2]
linear_model.root.input.model.unit_000.adsorption.lin_kd = [1]

I get a graph that looks as expected:

However, if i set is_kinetic = False, it seems to ignore the initial conditions. Mass is created from no where (expected would be 0.66 in solid phase and 0.33 in bulk phase).

I assume this might be caused by the consistent initialization.

This sounds like a consistent initialization problem, indeed.
@j.schmoelder can you tell me the porosity to reproduce this problem?

For this example, I set the porosity to 0.5

Issue identified; Discussion continues on Github: