Modelling radial flow in membrane chromatography

Hi All ,

I was wondering whether CADET Process has any capability yet to model radial flow in membrane chromatography? I have seen some posts in the past but just wondered whether there is any capacity coming in the near future.

As an alternate I wondered whether anyone had any suggestions as to how to approach a radial flow process with the current CADET Process capability. I thought about perhaps modelling as a equal volume column with the an equivalent cross sectional area that gives the average linear velocity that would be expected in radial flow. Alternatively perhaps breaking the column down into 2 or 3 sections with decreasing area to approximate the increase in velocity through the bed? However the bed depth of membrane devices tends to be very shallow at about 4-8 mm.

All suggestions welcome !

Hi Will,

If the column radius ratio/bed depth ratio is large enough you can safely approximate the system with the customary lumped rate model with pores and an average flowrate. Don’t nail me on how large is large enough. Using a stage model as you have described is certainly an option for smaller ratios.


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