Moving online documentation into CADET repository

As of now, we have two documentations: The TeX / PDF docs in the CADET repository and the website.
Although development speed of CADET has decelerated (unfortunately), there are still some changes here and there. In order to avoid doing the same work twice, I’d like to arrive at a single-source solution for the docs rather sooner than later.

This means:

  1. Retire TeX docs
  2. Move current docs from the website into the CADET repository (at least those parts that are immediately related to the core simulator)
  3. When generating the HTML of the website, source the docs from the core repository

I fully support this! :slight_smile:

Generally, I’ve already figured out how to implement this in the website. The only thing we need to think about is how we include it in the website structure.

Option 1: Keep the current structure (CADET defining the main structure)

Option 2: Move CADET to its own branch

Option 3: Some new structure (with a more unified approach)


Option 3: General topics in the website, details / specifics in the respective repos

  • Getting started (installation, creating and running a simple model, etc.)
  • Modelling (processes, units, networks, adsorption, reaction, etc.)
  • CADET-process
  • CADET-python
  • CADET-Match (not published yet)
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I like that idea. Maybe it even makes sense to move the examples out of the respective repositories. In the not too far future, I’d like to also include all the tutorials which will cover all CADET projects.

Maybe. But if something in the API / interface of the subproject (core, match, python, process, etc.) changes, we have to change the main website and cannot contain the change to the respective repository.