Questions about Using CADET and GoSilico in Biopharmaceutical Purification Proces

Hi I am managing the purification process of biopharmaceuticals in a factory, and I need a mechanistic modeling tool, so I am looking for several sources.

I recently discovered CADET and after reading the papers, it seems to be a very useful project. However, I do have several queries about this tool that I would appreciate your insights on.

  1. As I understand it, CADET is licensed under GPL, so it is completely open source and free to use. Is my understanding correct?

  2. CADET seems like it can be run offline, so there should be no problem with data security. Right?

  3. I found out that Cytiva’s GoSilico is a paid program that provides similar functionality. Can you tell me what the differences are between them in terms of their functionality?

Hi Jay and welcome to the forum!

That is correct. You are free to use it, modify it, distribute it. Just make sure that any modifications you make are also released under GPL. Or, even better, open a PR on GitHub so we can check whether we can integrate it into our main branch.

Yes, it’s just a C++ library. No connection to the outside required.

That’s correct. Without having too much insight into their program, I think the main differences are:

  • Open vs closed source: you can freely review and modify our code (e.g. add your own isotherm model), their software is closed.
  • Models: I assume most of the models in both softwares are similar. Probably GoSilico has some adsorption models that we don’t have and vice versa.
  • Numerical engine: they use a finite element approach while we have finite volume and are in the process of integrating discontinuous Galerkin method (paper was just accepted! :partying_face:)
  • Optimization/Parameter estimation/uncertainty quantification: I don’t know how all of this is implemented excactly in GoSilico but I know you can do it with both packages.
  • Interface: While they have a shiny graphical user interface, we “only” provide a scripting interface.
    However, CADET-Process already provides much better functionality (compared to previous versions).

If you have specific questions about CADET’s features, please feel free to ask. Also have a look at our online documentation.




Hey Johannes,

I’m reaching out to say a big thanks for your help with my question! Your explanation totally cleared things up for me. Really appreciate your time and effort.

Thanks again!



Actually, the GPL only requires to publish modifications when the code is shared with a thrid party, i.e. modifications that are exclusively used in house can be kept private.

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