Simulation of single component radial flow chromatography (affinity) breakthrough

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I am trying to simulate single component radial flow chromatography (affinity) breakthrough. For radial flow chromatography, velocity is a variable that leads to variation in ‘radial dispersion’ and ‘film mass transfer coefficient’. So can you please help how we can treat ‘radial dispersion’ and ‘film mass transfer coefficient (kf)’ as a variables in CADET for RFC simulation?


as far as I know, we currently don’t have a radial flow chromatography unit operation implemented in CADET. Could you please give some more information how you’re trying to model this?



We are actually working on it. References are:

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Thank you for information.

Hey hi Johannes,

Thanks for your response.

I am trying to model this on the basis of the variable flow rate strategy over the section that was used in 2DGRM unit operation for accounting radial dispersion. Also thinking of keeping dispersion and film mass transport coe. section dependent in multiplex mode.

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There might be some ambiguity here. The 2D GRM accounts for the radial cylinder coordinate but the flow is still along the axial cylinder coordinate. We acre currently implementing a variant with flow along the radial cylinder coordinate, as described in the mentioned papers.

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Here is some theory on the radial flow chromatography model.

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Thank you for the information, Sir.