Slides on differential mass balances for chromatography

As discussed in the CADET workshop last week, I am happy to share the slides which I use for teaching the basic partial differential equations underlying chromatography simulations. The slides are mainly a derivation of the mass balances in the interstitial volume. The different treatments of the mass balance in the stationary phase are briefly described introducing the concept of the equilibrium model, the lumped-rate model and the general rate model. I do not discuss the initial and boundary conditions of the differential equations.

I am publishing the slides under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. Let me know if there are any issues with this.

@lieres I cannot upload any slides - seems to have something to do with the forum settings.

Edit: I have deactivated the above link. Please refer to the download below.


Thanks a lot, Matthias. Much appreciated! Which file type do you need? I can update the settings.

Originally, I tried to upload a pptx file format, which however failed due to the file format. I subsequently tried to use a PDF which also resulted in an error, since I am too new to the forum to upload any files.

And here are the slides as download from this forum.

DifferentialMassBalanceChromatography.pptx (820.9 KB)