Unable to use new binding models in CADET-Process v0.9.1

I am not able to use the new LangmuirLDFLiquidPhase, HICConstantWaterActivity, HICWaterOnHydrophobicSurfaces binding models.

When I run the code for HIC from examples (CADET-Process/examples/load_wash_elute/lwe_hic.py at master · fau-advanced-separations/CADET-Process · GitHub)
I get this error:
CADET Error: Simulation failed with b’ERROR: Unknown binding model HIC_CONSTANT_WATER_ACTIVITY\n’

Same goes for LangmuirLDFLiquidPhase and HICWaterOnHydrophobicSurfaces.
Older binding models from v0.8.0 and before like Langmuir work fine.

Hi Ronan and welcome to the forum,

those isotherms were added with CADET core release 4.4.0, so if only those three aren’t working, I think it’s likely you are on CADET core 4.3 or below.

Let me know if it still doesn’t work after upgrading to 4.4.