Unit operation models

Hey everyone,
i am interested in some Information on the unit operation models for my masters thesis.

Firstly I am interested in the absence of a pore diffusion in the LRMP.
Does this mean the only mass transfer considered is the mass transfer from the interstitial volume to the pore volume, which is covered by the film diffusion?
This would refer total equilibrium inside the pores mobile phase right?

Does this also mean, that the radial discretization cells are not relevant for the LRMP, since inside the particles there is total equilibrium in the mobile phase?


No, since all of our adsorption models also are kinetic by default. You can set is_kinetic = False if you want film diffusion to be the only limiting factor, however.

The lumped rate model with pores does not have a radial (particle pore) discretization. It’s all “lumped” into a single volume.

Hope that helps.

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Hey thanks for the quick answer!

Okay yes of course I forgot about the rapid equilibrium theory that has to be enabled in order for that.

Thank you so much this helps a lot!