Generic load/wash/elution/strip script

Hi all,

Through one of my projects, I developed a script for a generic single component load/wash/elution/strip (e.g. for standard protein A affinity operation) using CADET 4.3.0 in MATLAB. I thought it might be useful for someone on the forum, so I have included the below link that contains a zip file with CADET 4.3.0, the MATLAB front-end script, and a README file for instructions that should explain everything.

Down the line, I may rewrite this script using CADET-Python and post that here.

Please let me know if you have any questions



Update on this topic - one of our new students @a.moser is working on a port of this script to CADET-Python. We will post it once it is available and tested.


Welcome to the CADET-Forum @a.moser!
Before reinventing the wheel, have you also checked out CADET-Process? It already provides a lot of convenient functionality for setting up models, running simulations, post processing, as well as parameter estimation and process estimation. It’s still work in progress, but if you’re interested, we’re happy to provide you with some more details.