Question on scaling discretization nodes with column size

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I am performing simulations to investigate the impact of how changing column dimensions affects the efficacy of impurity removal, where the separation is governed by differential pore diffusion rates under strong binding conditions.

When changing column size, what is the appropriate way in CADET to maintain the same resolution in discretization? Presumably, the number of axial discretizations (mGrm.nCellsColumn) should scale linearly with column length (mGrm.columnLength). I am a bit unsure about the scaling of particle discretization (mGrm.nCellsParticle) with respect to column cross sectional area (mGrm.crossSectionArea). Should the number of particle discretizations scale linearly with cross sectional area or is this unnecessary?

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Hi Scott,

I agree with your concept about the axial column coordinate. The particle discretization, however, is independent of the column dimensions. Unless differently specified (e.g. when using a particle size distribution), CADET uses one representative particle for each axial element. This is independent of the cross sectional area, even if the 2D general rate model is applied (but then you would have to vary the radial column discretization).


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Thanks for your response, Eric. This is helpful to us to know for performing this kind of investigation.