Developers's call 04.10.2021

previous call: Developers's call 27.09.2021

Today was another busy call with many topics. First, we want to welcome @j.breuer to the CADET developer’s team who will be working on implementing DG in CADET. :partying_face:

LDF Isotherm Models


  • WIP
  • Initial tests were found to confirm functionality; proper tests will follow (see below).

Unit tests

@all: We should set a date to write unit tests and/or integration tests for some of the recent projects. This includes tests for:

  • [ ] LDF
  • [ ] MCT
  • [ ] Dynamic Flow / Reverse Flow


@j.rao, @w.heymann

Issues with Windows builds were fixed by :

  • Using sequential blas in build.bat (@j.rao)
  • Including Iterator in ModelSystemImpl.cpp (@w.heymann)

Next steps:

  • make CADET release 4.2.1/4.3.0
  • ping conda-forge team again to merge into main repository

C interface to libcadet

@j.hassan, @w.heymann

Before proceeding, we should determine the dimensionality of the solution outputs of different unit operations (see here). For this pupose, @j.hassan will create a table that lists the current state.



  • Published on test.pypi; install with pip install --index-url --extra-index-url CADET-Process (installs CADET-Process from and all dependencies from the ‘real’
  • Proper release on pypi will follow shortly.
  • Examples need to be updated.