Developers's call 27.09.2021

We’re back with our weekly development calls! :partying_face:

Status update JupyterHub


Problem with Kernel

  • Issue when connecting to kernel via url; access via local host, it works
  • Seems to be issue with reverse proxy
  • Support was requested on stackoverflow/discourse
    Idea: Switch to NGINX webserver!?

Update: Issue was fixed by enabling a2enmod in Apache; Cudos to @w.heymann!


Review Guide to binding models

See here; Before working on details, the overall structure will be improved.

Status update conda-forge

@j.rao, @w.heymann

Steps for building locally:


  • Linux build is not working any more (multi-python package)
  • Dev team was pinged (maybe they can help)
  • Windows/OS X: still WIP

Next steps for windows:

  • Bill build locally
  • Fix any errors
  • Push any changes to staged-recipes branch

Status update C interface



We can already:

  • Setup simulations
  • Run simulations
  • Read (some) results

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

To do